What is SMS

SMS stands for Short Message Service. A "Short Message" may contain up to 7 Bit 160 characters or 140 octets of binary data. A message in the format of normal text, custom ring tones and graphics and operator logos that appear directly on screen is called flash message

SMSglobalservice is a unique Short Message Service (SMS) messaging tool. It facilitates complete messaging capabilities over the GSM networks via HTTP, web interface. Also using our web interface the user can send single, group or bulk sms using any browser.

SMSglobalservice Web Interface also supports the sending of message in the format of Normal text, Unicode and Flash to individual or groups of destinations directly from Web Interface.

Getting Started : User Account

There is no need to install any software to your computer. To send sms, the client can either:-

  • Click on link Send Sms provided.
  • Login to his/her account from

User Interface Specifications:

1. Send Single Message

a. Mobile No. destination mobile number, start with country code. E.g 255732675469
b. Message User can add his message to be sent to the receipient. Simple text
message contains maximum 160 characters.
c. Message Type : Messages are of mainly two types
i) Normal Text ,
ii) Flash
d. Send Single Message As soon as user clicks on this button, message will be send immediately to the destination mobile number.
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