Personalized sms

SmsGlobalService offers Personalized Bulk SMS messaging that enables you to send to all your clients listed in a spreadsheet, personalized messages with a single click. Each client in the list receives a different message that is picked from the values in your spreadsheet. This is ideal for reminding clients of the amounts they owe, appointments dates etc.

Our Personalized Bulk SMS functionality is designed in a way that is easy to use and immediately deployable in your organisation without requirement of technical skills. Upon uploading the excel file, sms254.com will pick up the values from the various cells in your spreadsheet and compose your required personalized messages as shown below:-

You can use Personalized Sms to:-

  • Notify debtors about account balances exceeded or overdue
  • Notify parents of school opening dates for their kids
  • Send scheduled time-critical reminders for required activities
  • Send School fees reminders to parents
  • Send reminders for loan payements
  • Send reminders for appointments